China Visa

To apply for China visa, these are the standard required documents:

  • Current passport
  • Old passport (if available)
    • If not available, please include and sign the “Old Passport Not Available” letter.
  • China visa photos. ( Please refer to the specific size and photo requirements below)
  • China visa form ( Please see China Visa Checklist below)

China Visa Checklist:

download 01Download China Visa Checklist

For the China visa form specific to your tour, please contact your travel agent or email us to get a copy.


Old Passport Not Available Letter:

download 01Download letter. 

Please edit the dates, names and passport number on letter.  Please sign and include with application if needed.

Letter only required if current passport is issued after Jan 1, 2015 AND old passport is not available.  

If current passport is issued before Jan 1, 2015, do not need to submit this letter.


China Visa photo requirements:

download 01Download visa photo requirement guideline.

The visa photo requirements are:

  • Size: 48mm x 33mm, white or light coloured background
  • No jewelry, no necklace, and no earrings. Photo with these things will be requested to be retaken.
  • Ears showing (not covered by hair). Please use a hair tie if necessary.   

Note: all final inspection is by the China visa agent at the Embassy. If photos do not meet requirements, they will have to be retaken.  


Processing time for China visa:

The China visa process takes 10-14 days to process from the day we receive your passport and visa applications.  If the required documents or information are incomplete, processing time may take longer.

When to apply for China Visa:

Send all documents to our office to process for China visa 45 days before tour departure.


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