China Visa

To apply for China visa, these are the standard required documents:

  • Current passport
  • Old passport (if available)
  • China visa photos. ( Please refer to the specific size and photo requirements below)
  • China ONLINE visa application ( Please see China Visa Checklist below)
  • Tour itinerary and flight schedule

China ONLINE Visa Application Checklist:

download 01Click to download China ONLINE Visa Checklist

Please apply for the ONLINE visa application at

Choose City > Quick access, click on Visa > New Application Form


China Visa photo requirements:

download 01Click here to download visa photo requirement guideline.

The visa photo requirements are:

  • Size: 48mm x 33mm, white or light coloured background
  • No jewelry, no necklace, and no earrings. Photo with these things will be requested to be retaken.
  • Ears showing (not covered by hair). Please use a hair tie if necessary.   

Note: all final inspection is by the China visa agent at the Embassy. If photos do not meet requirements, they will have to be retaken.  


China Group Visa requirements:

Please contact your booking agent if you can apply for a China GROUP visa.

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