Testimonials by Cindy and Bonnie Langen

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    Cindy and Bonnie Langen

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    We recently took your tour of Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.  We travelled on your tour leaving February 22nd, 2019.  My sister and I had an amazing trip and want to thank you for organizing such an interesting tour.  I loved all scheduled excursions, exactly what I had hoped for.  There was so much variety, something for everyone.  The restaurants were fantastic, we would never have been able to find them if traveling on our own.  We were very pleased with the accommodations, the service was exceptional.  I would like to thank Robert our tour escort as well as all our tour guides of each country visited, you made our vacation stress free and took care of all arrangements and then some. 

    We would highly recommend your tour to Vietnam and Thailand with the addition of Cambodia.  I hope some day to visit China with China Star tours.

    Thank you again for giving us an amazing vacation, a trip to remember.

    Cindy and Bonnie

    Thunder Bay, Ontario